Team visits

Many people want to establish a programme of visits by British teams to Palestine, both West Bank and Gaza.

There have been a number of successful visit by Palestinian football teams to Britain. For example, two U18 six-a-side teams from Abu Dis played in a Saturday morning competition in RegentsPark in November 2012; one got to the final, being just outplayed in the penalty shootout.  The trainer then said that he was very keen to get teams to come to Palestine.   This could be individual teams or a number of teams to make up a tournament.

There is enormous potential to make a difference to the lives of Palestinian footballers with such visits and at the same time to raise the flag of publicity for our campaign.  Visiting footballers are very likely to come back and inspire others to take actions.

Twinning organisations, which are charities, are taking the initiative and one or more visits in 2014 are feasible. Financing sources will be contacted.

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