Objective: Suspension of the Israeli Football Association from UEFA until Israel respects the human rights of Palestinians and observes international law.


The Palestine Football Association’s main concern is the free movement of players between Gaza, the West Bank and other countries.  This has been greatly hindered (see the Racism tab) and morally should be grounds enough to lead to the suspension o the IFA.

However, to implement a suspension another member association of UEFA or UEFA itself will have to propose suspension with grounds based on the IFA’s flouting of UEFA’s Regulations and Values.

UEFA’s Values include “zero tolerance of racism” (Item 10: Respect).  It is clear that the IFA has failed to do this in the case of racist actions by supporters of  the Beitar club.  It is also possible that the IFA has failed to live by the European model of sport (Item 10) by failing to conform to the “solidarity principle” – in this case solidarity with the Palestinian Football Association.

Article 8 of UEFA’s statutes define how a member association can be excluded or held in suspension.  One ground is that the association has been excluded from FIFA.  This puts weight on the FIFA campaign, but still three quarters of the UEFA members would have to support the move.  Article 9 specifies how a member association can be suspended by the UEFA Executive Committee with immediate effect and how this decision will then be reviewed by the next Annual Congress.


  • Obtain legal opinion on this objective.  This will not be adopted as an active campaign until there is greater potential for success.

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