Grass Roots

Objective:  (1) To establish local supporters groups for Palestinian teams, national and club, across Britain, (2) to spread our anti-racism message across the football world.


There is potential for introducing our message more widely among football fans, especially those who are anti-racist or radical in a more general sense eg; Celtic Green Brigades, Charlton, Liverpool and Manchester breakaways. More generally, there is an enormous need to educate football fans.

There are a number of ways to raise fans’ consciousness.  Leafleting at matches has already proved powerful at Newcastle and Arsenal, and abroad there have been initiatives in Belgium and Australia.  Fellow activists have raised the Fans against Apartheid banner at a number of UK grounds.  And Philosophy Football has announced plans to build supporters’ clubs for the Palestinian national team.  This will make fans feel closer to Palestinians and their problems and will encourage.

The message on antiracism will be all the stronger for fans when they learn about the injustices that  Palestinians suffer. This Grass Roots campaign will be flexible in its approach.


  • Work with BDS activists to leaflet at grounds and to input to fanzines, club notice-boards and club meetings.
  • Work with Palestinian , the PFA and Philosophy Football to publicise Palestinian matches and other activities.

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