Summary of Previous/Ongoing Actions

1. 2017 – 2020 Puma boycott. Leafleting and demonstrating with other groups across 20 nations worldwide (ongoing)
2. 2015 – 2020 Settlement clubs. Putting our voice with that of the PFA in calling for the settlement clubs to be excluded from Israeli leagues (limited response from FIFA to date). Challenging FIFA for suppression of the Sexwale report. Challenging the Court of Arbitration for Sport with respect to lack of publication of its report on PFA motions to FIFA. (ongoing)
3. 2018 Adidas withdrew from sponsorship of the IFA as a result of joint action by RCIR and PACBI (achieved)
4. 2016 Beitar Jerusalem. Call to ban the team from international competitions. (ongoing)
5. 2015 Rally in Cardiff against Israeli national team visit to Wales in the EURO 2016 competition (2,000 demonstrators achieved a big impact).
6. 2013-2015 Suspension of Israeli FA from FIFA at the FIFA 2015 Annual Congress, supporting the Palestinian FA initiative, including a major demonstration in Zurich (greatly increased visibility of the campaign),.
7. 2013-2015 Removal of UEFA Women’s Under 15 finals from Israel (achieved ban on games in West Jerusalem)
8. 2014 Exclusion of Jerusalem as host city for EURO 2020 (achieved)
9. 2014 Call to reverse the segregation of youth leagues into Palestinian and Jewish leagues. (achieved by action in the Israel courts by Adalah)
10. 2011- 2013 Removal of UEFA Under 21 finals from Israel (major publicity impact)
11. 2013 Arrangement of UK Tour for Mahmoud Sarsak (achieved)
12. Ongoing Leafleting at a number of UK league matches (ongoing)

We also encourage direct support of Palestinian football teams by provision of coaching and by holding games between Palestinian and UK teams.
To achieve these we challenge football institutions, demonstrate at matches, and spread the message through the media and fan groups. We work in partnership with all those in the football world and with activists across Europe who oppose racism and oppression wherever it occurs. For further information see the tabs for particular camaigns.

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