Twitter Action Alert! Call on FIFA to Suspend Israel!

Twitter Action Alert! Call on FIFA to Suspend Israel!

As the FIFA Congress gets underway in Brazil ahead of the World Cup, let’s take to twitter to send the message that human rights violations have no place in football.   Uzi Dann, international sports editor of Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz said on 18 April 2014 “From my experience, only threats and pressure will force the Israeli government to take action”.

On June 10-11, during the FIFA Congress, use the sample tweets, articles, videos and graphics below to ensure our message gets through to FIFA: Suspend the Israeli Football Association.  Tweet to: @fifacom, @FIFAWorldCup, @SeppBlatter.  Use the hashtags: #WorldCup, #WorldCup2014 and #Brazil2014


Graphics: “If you could see their national sport…”

Video: WINNING with Apartheid Adventures

Sample Tweets:

SIGN the petition: Suspend the Israeli Football Association’s @FIFAcom membership! #WorldCup


Join over 12000 in calling on @FIFAcom to suspend Israel’s membership! #Brazil2014

Bombs stadiums, detains footballers, shoots players. What will it take for @FIFAcom to suspend Israel? #WorldCup

Challenging @SeppBlatter misleading assertions on Israel. #Brazil2014

Your alternative source for #WorldCup2014 news:

A country that bombs stadiums and shoots players has no place in @FIFAcom. Suspend Israel! #Brazil2014


.@FIFAcom suspended Apartheid S. Africa from 1964 to 1992. When will it suspend Apartheid Israel? #WorldCup

Sports boycotts helped end Apartheid in S. Africa. Same will be true for Apartheid in Israel. #WorldCup #Brazil2014

Israel has +50 racist laws on the books. How many will it take for @Fifacom to suspend Israel? #Brazil2014

WATCH: Special Israeli training routine for Palestinian kids. #WorldCup #Brazil2014

1 Palestinian child killed by Israel every 3 days for the past 13 years. Why is Israel still in @FIFAcom? #WorldCup

How can @Fifacom’s fight against #racism be taken seriously while maintaining Apartheid Israel as member? #WorldCup

Shouldn’t shooting players in their feet be reason enough to suspend Israel from @Fifacom? #WorldCup

Should Israel be kicked out of @FIFAcom? #WorldCup #Brazil2014

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