UEFA urged to cancel Israel hosting tournament

UEFA urged to cancel Israel hosting tournament
The Palestinian footballer and hunger striker Mahmoud Sarsak was alongside Jewish comedian Alexei Sayle in central London to hand in a letter to the president of the Union of European Football Associations urging him to cancel the planned under-21 European football tournament in Israel.

Just this week, UEFA president Michel Platini was in London to attend the organisation’s Annual Congress. Racism was high on the agenda – with UEFA announcing tough disciplinary regulations against players or officials found guilty of racism in European club or international games. The perpetrators would face a minimum 10 match ban.

Around a hundred protesters converged outside the UEFA Annual Congress to highlight Israel’s apartheid system. They believe UEFA would be complicit in whitewashing Israel’s crimes if the tournament went ahead.

The tournament is scheduled to take place next month, but protesters hope that growing pressure could force UEFA to cancel the event in Israel.

Source: Press TV

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