RCIR scorns FIFA’s support for Israeli racist’s political action

RCIR scorns FIFA’s support for Israeli racist’s political action

Our 8 January 2019 post reveals the existence of the attack by Palestine Media Watch on the President of the Palestinian Football Association, Mr Jibril Rajoub. We have written to FIFA to warn of the political nature of this scurrilous initiative in the letter given here:

21 June 2019

Dear Mr Infantino,

Palestine Media Watch

Your reference E17-00017 obi

Mr Ngoya’s letter dated 8 January 2019 to Mr Jibril Rajoub, President of the Palestinian Football Association has come to our attention (1).  This was clearly intended to be confidential, but now it is in the public domain we feel duty bound to comment on the implications and misleading statements.  

The report by the Palestine Media Watch (PMW) as summarised by Mr Ngoya is a travesty. It is surprising that FIFA has given it the light of day bearing in mind its core political character. The PMW is a scurrilous organisation which is directed purely towards repression of the Palestinian people, as reference 1 indicates.  It is totally political in its aims and has a very negative effect on Palestinian-Israeli relations.  In 2000 it took the Palestinian Authority to Court in Israel- and was rejected in no uncertain terms.  Then on 27 July 2016 it published a thirty page agglomeration of accusations about Mr Rajoub in his position as Chairman of the Palestinian Olympic Committee.  Nothing more was heard of that – we can safely assume that the international Olympic Committee treated it with the contempt that it deserved (2).

This latest attempt to criticise Mr Rajoub is more dangerous as it not only makes a personal attack on Mr Rajoub but also criticises the Palestinian FA itself.

It is surprising that you have implied respect for the PMW by taking its accusations so directly. The way Mr Ngoya’s letter is written it gives the impression that you have seriously considered the accusations and have given them the full weight of FIFA’s approval.  That was a serious miscalculation on FIFA’s part because it introduces politics into FIFA’s realm.  To get publically immersed in regional politics is the last thing FIFA should be doing. 

We call on you to quietly put these PMW accusations aside and, if necessary, contact Mr Rajoub and the Prime Minister Mr Abbas privately to handle any concerns that you have.

(1) https://electronicintifada.net/blogs/asa-winstanley/fifa-attacks-palestinian-football

(2) http://palwatch.org/STORAGE/special%20reports/PMW%20Report,%20The%20Jibril%20Rajoub%20File,%20July%202016.pdf

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