RCIR follow up letter to PUMA UK

RCIR follow up letter to PUMA UK

This letter was sent to emphasize our concerns before the 7 May 2020 Puma AGM.

Support for Palestinian football.

On 2 November 2019 I wrote to you to challenge PUMA’s sponsorship of the Israeli Football Association – sponsorship which we saw as supporting a racist endeavour and so damaging the PUMA brand.

This letter is to urge you approach your Board of Directors to encourage them to cancel that sponsorship prior to your 7 May Annual General Meeting.

Since November there have been several boycott actions of note against Puma.

Forrest Green FC, one of the UK’s oldest professional clubs in the Football League, has strongly denounced your sponsorship of the IFA in a letter to your Head Office.  Chester FC has announced a break from Puma sponsorship.  Liverpool FC has backed away from  your  sponsorship.  In London, Manchester and other UK cities our campaign has held a series of demonstrations at Sports outlets and football grounds.

The campaign has generated support in some eighteen other countries. For example, in Malaysia the leading University team has dropped the Puma emblem from its shirts. 

Details of these boycott actions are given on our website http://rcir.org.uk/ and on the Palestinian BDS website https://bdsmovement.net/boycott-puma.

You are witnessing the start of what could be a long and damaging boycott campaign against PUMA with long term implications for Puma’s brand image. Support for a football association steeped in apartheid runs counter to PUMA’s brand values.

Please encourage your Board to take the practical and moral step of dropping the sponsorship of the Israeli FA.

We attach our November letter for reference. (See 2 November 2019 post)



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