Boycott Puma Campaign Kicks Off

Boycott Puma Campaign Kicks Off

Today, 6 April 2019, RCIR joins PSC and PACBI to launch the international campaign to boycott Puma until Puma stops sponsorship of the Israeli Football Association. This follows the call by over 200 Palestinian sports clubs to Puma to ditch its support for the Israeli Football Association. The a call which has been rejected.

The campaign’s strategy is twofold: (a) to call on football clubs that are sponsored by PUMA to drop that sponsorship, and (b) to appeal to the general public to boycott PUMA in retail outlets.  

UK Action has already started with leafleting at a major store in Manchester on 13 April – see separate post. The first UK Puma-sponsored clubs to be targeted are Newcastle, whose contract expires soon, and Cambridge United. Others like Arsenal and Manchester City stand in line.

The aim is also to involve local sports associations, popular sports teams, fan clubs and anti-racist tournaments and to bring sports themes into general protests with livestream actions on social media.


Give Puma the Boot: #BoycottPuma International Day of Action 15 June 2019


1. Organize a creative action at a Puma shop

Get creative. Organize a mock football match or sporting event at a Puma shop. Use Puma’s store locatorto find Puma branded shops in your city, and there are others such as Sports Direct who market Puma kit.

2. Organize a protest at Puma offices

Deliver the letter from 200 Palestinian clubs to Puma offices.

3. Organize a talk or workshop

Involve local sports associations in a workshop or public talk on Israel’s attacks on Palestinian sports and the #BoycottPuma campaign. Get in touch for possible speakers:

4. Call on Puma-sponsored teams to #BootPuma

Puma sponsors teams, leagues, athletes and artists. Check to see if local teams are sponsored by Puma and urge them to drop Puma. Call on local athletes sponsored by Puma to use their influence to convince Puma to end its sponsorship deal with the IFA. Follow #PumaFam for news on new sponsorship deals. Get in touch for sample approach letters:

5. Start a campaign for Divestment

Investigate whether your pension fund, bank or any other institution you are a member of is an investor in Puma and ask them to divest. Get in touch for help on this:

6. Host a social media house party

Join #BoycottPuma social media actions to culture-jam Puma with your friends


Give Puma the Boot: #BoycottPuma International Day of Action 15 June 2019


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