FIFA Council: Fatah condemns FIFA’s action as scandalous

FIFA Council:  Fatah condemns FIFA’s action as scandalous

The Palestinian News and Information Agency reports:

President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party said “the decision constitutes another big scandal for FIFA that is no less than the corruption scandals revealed some months ago, and it is even reasonable to assume that it might be linked to those scandals, especially in light of the acceptance by the President of FIFA Mr. Gianni Infantino of the direct and severe intervention by the Israeli Prime Minister on the issue several months ago.”

It said in a statement: “Every word in the decision of the FIFA Council constitutes a big mistake and violation of international law, beginning with stating that the decision is with regard to ‘the administration of football in the West Bank territories,’ to suggesting that UN Security Council resolution 2334 comprises ‘recommendations,’ to stating that the current situation is ‘characterized by an exceptional complexity and sensitivity,’ and ‘de facto circumstances that can neither be ignored nor changed,’ to stating that the interference by FIFA in ‘the status quo of football in the relevant territories without the consent of the parties concerned’ might aggravate the situation of football not only in the territories concerned but also in the greater region.

“The situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory is clear.  The international law, including international humanitarian law and international human rights law is very clear.  The decision of the Council of FIFA cannot constitute neutrality but rather a violation of international law and submission of football to the might of force and power and it is acceptance of the policies of the only ‘colonial power’ in our contemporary world.  As conveyed by the media, statements made by Mr. Infantino after the decisions were even worse than the decision itself which affirms the legitimacy of the deep suspicions of his motivations and what is behind his decisions.”

Fatah said that “this illegal decision cannot be the end of the story as the decision itself tried to do in an undemocratic and imperial way when it stated that ‘the matter is declared closed and will not be the subject of any further discussion.’ We trust that the strength of the international law and the positions of national associations and many FIFA officials shall lead to correcting this huge mistake and big scandal.”

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