Palestinian FA attacks Infantino and European FAs

Palestinian FA attacks Infantino and European FAs

The Palestinian FA’s response to the FIFA Council’s 27 October action on the Sexwale report was strong and uncompromising. It denounced the decision by the FIFA Council to remain neutral regarding Israeli teams located in illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.  Jibril Rjoub, head of the Palestinian Football Association (PFA), said in a press conference on Sunday in Ramallah that the decision violated FIFA’s own rules as well as international law.

Rajoub strongly criticized FIFA’s president,  Gianni Infantino, whom he accused of sidelining the Palestinian football delegation at the last Congress in May 2017.  Rajoub said that while the Asian Football Association had backed a decision by FIFA, it was pressure from European countries that tipped the international body in favor of inaction.  He didn’t identify countries but said “I don’t think Palestinian players should be scapegoats from what some European countries did against the Jews last century” .

He said the PFA plans to make a second appeal to the Lausanne based Court of Arbitration for Sport, an independent institution, which he pointed out is not under anyone’s patronage.

A number of press articles have commented on the FIFA Council’s decision:

Arab News gives good details of the PFA’s comments (and also the comments of James Dorsey) in two articles:


The Times of Israel also gives information and infers that support for the Israeli position was from countries that had been complicit in the Holocaust.



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