The character of FIFA’s decision making

The character of FIFA’s decision making

An article by David Conn in the Guardian and the eye-opening comments by Prof. Miguel Maduro reveal the reality about the way that FIFA operates.  This helps understand FIFA’s actions with respect to the Palestinan FA’s problems.

Maduro reports that FIFA’s culture is resistant to accountability, transparency and change.  It seems clear that Infantino does not respect the independence of various committees and that he operates with a system of buddies who control things.  It’s clear from the way that Infantino asked Maduro to chair the Governance Committee that he wanted Maduro to be one of his men – which did not work out!

Perhaps the most stunning comment was the fact that an AFC official responded to a suggestion by Maduro on how to handle a forthcoming election was that they couldn’t do what he suggested because they had already decided on the result of the election!

Maduro summarises by saying “there is a system of laws without the rule of law”.  In particular, he notes that Infantino appears not to respect the principle of neutrality and lack of government interference (reference article 14 of FIFA’s Code of Ethics).

This was based on the evidence presented by Maduro to the UK’s Digital, Cultural, Media and Sports Select Committee on 13 Sep:   Conn’s article is at

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