Post-Congress Statement by Palestinian FA: it will go to the Court of Arbitration in Sport

Post-Congress Statement by Palestinian FA: it will go to the Court of Arbitration in Sport

Following the FIFA Congress the PFA has just published a Press Release condemning FIFA’s actions at the Congress and indicating it will approach the Court for Arbitration of Sport to resolve its problems.  The Palestinian Mission in the UK has published the Release.

Statement by Palestine Football Association 

Press Release:

In spite of the legal ambiguity that accompanied the FIFA council’s block of the Palestine FA proposal to the 67th Congress, the Palestine issue remains on the table of FIFA and the urgency of Finding a solution to the problems at hand becomes more pronounced. We are disappointed that FIFA has decided to allow political pressure to win over the FIFA statutes.

The mandate of the FIFA Monitoring Committee Palestine-Israel was supposed to end with the presentation of a report to this Congress, yet, the draft report which got either full or foot-noted approval from all members (except the Israel FA) was inexplicably withheld and the authority of the Congress over the committee was assumed and transferred by the council to its self in contradiction to the order of precedence, and lacking a vote

The international legitimacy by which FIFA is obligated as an international organization, leaves no room for doubt about the illegality of the settlement clubs, neither do the relevant articles of the FIFA statutes. Evidence to that in the report made the IFA reject it all together, which made it necessary to take the matter back to the Congress: the only party with the authority to decide on the matter

We fear Mr. Infantino’s action  of today has set a precedent where governments decide the agenda for a FIFA congress, and violations of the statutes and misuse of its legal devices become so common in a way that encourages those who allow football to be used as a tool to normalize oppression.

We will pursue the matter in the Court of Arbitration in Sport (CAS) because we consider the way in which our proposal was overthrown by Mr. Infantino illegal, and an additional violation of the FIFA Statutes and standing orders of the congress


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