Palestinian FA is ready to act at the 66th FIFA Congress on 11 May in Bahrain

Palestinian FA is ready to act at the 66th FIFA Congress on 11 May in Bahrain

FIFA has published the agenda for the 66th Congress.

There is no Agenda Item concerning recommendations by the FIFA Council on the basis of the report by chairman Tokyo Sexwale of the Israeli Palestine Monitoring Committee.  This would be expected to be presented under Agenda Item 14 (proposals submitted by the member associations and the Council).  However, the relevant proposals should be submitted two months prior to the Congress and this has clearly not been the case with Sexwale.  It seems therefore that IFA is happy to kick this topic yet further down the road.

Anticipating such a delay the PFA has very wisely submitted a motion to the Congress calling for action by the FIFA Council for consideration under Agenda Item 14:

Item 14.3 Request for official recognition of the Palestinian Football Association’s entitlements to all of its rights as described in the FIFA Statutes (proposed by the Palestinian Football Association)

The details of the Palestinian proposal have not yet been made available.  However, we understand that it calls for Congress to ask the FIFA Council “propose and/or adopt disciplinary measures – as described in articles 16 and/or 17 of FIFA Statutes [suspension and expulsion]– against the Israeli Football Association”.

The motion also asks for recognition of the PFA’s rights in connection with three other Statutes:

72.2,  concerning member assoc’s and their clubs not playing on another member’s territory without its approval),

3,  concerning respecting and promoting human rights), and

4,  prohibiting racism and discrimination ” a country, private person or group of people”.

The preamble to the motion goes into detail on the main forms of repression to which Palestinian football has been subjected.



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