Football Association gets political with Israeli Map

Football Association gets political with Israeli Map

Official FA programmes deny the existence of the Occupied Palestinian Territories in printing maps of ‘Israel’

In the run up to the UEFA Under 21 tournament to be held in Israel in June 2013, the FA and UEFA have been at pains to insist that football is not about politics.

They have refused to take note of the racism in Israeli football aimed at Arabs and Muslims and have refused to take note of Israel’s war on Palestinian football, including the imprisonment of some of Palestine’s national players.

However fans at the two recent Under 21 games, against Romania and Austria were presented with these highly political maps in the match day programmes.

The British Advertising Authority has on more than one occasion ruled that such a map is unacceptable on any British advertising, for obvious reasons.  Israeli authorities have long tried to delude others over Palestinian matters.

The FA must:

1.    apologise in public and on the FA website for the use of this map.
2.    ensure that this map is never used again in documentation drawn up by the FA.

Advance notice:
17th May –………    Mahmoud Sarsak, Palestinian National Footballer and former imprisoned hunger striker will be touring Britain.

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