Settlement clubs: send your own e-letter to FIFA

Settlement clubs: send your own e-letter to FIFA

The link below will take you to a page which enables you to send the letter, modified if you wish, to FIFA President Gianni Infantino calling on FIFA to ensure that settlement clubs are not allowed to play in Israeli leagues.

So write to FIFA today using this link.  

Settlement clubs playing in Israeli leagues means that the football world is validating the existence of the Israeli settlements in the West Bank which the whole world recognises as illegal.  It also negates the authority of the Palestinian Football Association over the whole of the West Bank, thereby directly contravening FIFA’s regulations.   More generally, it means that the football world endorses the widespread repression of Palestinian human rights in the West Bank.

Over the years, Israel has been able to deny the illegality of its occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza with impunity. Now we can make an explicit challenge through football.  An earlier post (13 May 2016) reports that South African Tokyo Sewale has the job of chairing FIFA’s Israel Palestine Monitoring Committee.  He was initially worryingly oblivious to Palestinian sensitivities by identifying the Occupied Territories as “contested” and “disputed” areas.  Please sign the e-letter.



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