Settlement clubs petition: over 150,000 sign.

Settlement clubs petition: over 150,000 sign.

On 15 August the number of signatories on the Avaaz petition topped 150,000.  The text of the petition is as follows:

“To Tokyo Sexwale, the Chairman of FIFA’s Investigation Committee :

As concerned citizens from across the Middle East, North Africa, South Africa, and the world, we ask you to uphold FIFA’s own rules and provide fair recommendations demanding the Israeli Football Association either removes the settlement football clubs from its membership or relocates them outside the illegal settlements. If the Israeli Football Association doesn’t comply it must lose its membership with FIFA, as has been the case with other federations that have refused to accept FIFA’s fair play rules. There should be zero tolerance for the six teams that flagrantly ignore international law and operate in occupied territory. Settlement football teams legitimise the illegal occupation and condone the suffering the Palestinians face as a result.”

The website is:

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