Peruvian support for Palestine through football

Peruvian support for Palestine through football

Palestinian embassy in Peru and the Peruvian government mark solidarity day with a football match

JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — The Palestinian embassy in Peru, together with the Peruvian government, on Sunday organized a football match in commemoration of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, the PA Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

The game was played between the Arab Palestinian Union club and Peru’s Universidad Cesar Vallejo Club, and was cosponsored and organized by Alianza Lima, one of Peru’s top first division sports clubs.

Ambassadors of various Arab and Islamic countries and members of the diplomatic corps in Peru attended the celebration along with some 2,000 other spectators. Palestine’s Ambassador to Peru, Walid al-Muaaqat, made the kickoff pass to start the game. A large Palestinian flag was placed in the center of the field before the match started and during the half-time break. Fans in the stadium also waved Palestinian flags. Palestinian women took part in the event wearing traditional Palestinian gowns and Palestinian food was also served.


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