Newsweek, Al Jazeera, BBC, Sky, The Guardian, Haaretz, Reuters and others comment on the latest developments on the PFA Proposal

Newsweek, Al Jazeera, BBC, Sky, The Guardian, Haaretz, Reuters and others comment on the latest developments on the PFA Proposal

The discussions between FIFA and the PFA, brought forward to Wednesday 20th May2015 ended with the PFA  holding the line against FIFA and Israeli pressure to withdraw the motion to suspend the IFA.  FIFA appears not to want to adopt a democratic process.  Reuters reports that FIFA proposed new arrangements for movements of players between Gaza and the West Bank; even if they Israelis were trustworthy this would put other Palestinians at a disadvantate and there were no comments about other PFS demands.  It will be far more effective to suspend the IFA and then re-admit when they have proved they can take the actions demanded.  Among the most recent articles addressing the result of the meetings are:

Newsweek:   Palestinians confident Fifa will ban Israel from world football

Al Jazeera:   Palestinians Campaign for Israel’s FIFA Suspension | Al Jazeera America


BBC:  BBC Sport – Fifa: Israel football faces possible suspension vote

These report that the Israelis repeat their mantra that the IFA is not responsible for restricting movements of Palestinian footballers, but don’t admit to the 2009 Knesset statement that the IFA is a  public or state institution.  It reports to the State Comptroller and is  financed in part by the state.   It appears to be an example of a “GONGO” or government organised non-governmental organisation where an apparently independent organisation is used to progress a government policy – in this case to hide the Israeli’s state racism (apartheid according to the UN definition).

Earlier analyses included:


Guardian:  Peter Beaumont:  Israel faces Fifa suspension over claims it discriminates against Palestinians  World news | The Guardian  and Jibril Rajoub: Israeli football cannot continue as a vehicle to legitimise racism | Jibril Rajoub |Comment is free | The Guardian

Mondoweiss:  Annie Robbins International calls rise for FIFA to suspend Israel – Mondoweiss

Haaretz:  Gideon Levy Time for FIFA to show Israel the red card – Opinion – Israel News | Haaretz  and Uzi Dan

Memo:  Ben White  Israel fears FIFA red card, as Palestinians’ campaign gains momentum

The Nation:  Dave Zirin  Israel and Palestine Agree: Keep Politics Out of Soccer | The Nation

Inside World Football:  Rajoub outlines Palestinian grievances as Blatter heads out for crisis talks – Inside World Football

Washington Post: How the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is playing out on the soccer pitch – The  Washington Post

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