RCIR banner gets 10,000 views at football match

RCIR banner gets 10,000 views at football match

One of the campaign banners, “Kick Israeli Racism out of FIFA”, was unfurled before the Saturday afternoon game at Queens Park Ranger’s Loftus Road stadium against Manchester United.  It was positioned on the main approach which was a wide road and this resulted in a very high “eye-fall” on the bright red banner.  Over a one and a half hour period we estimated around half the total crowd of over 18,000 would have noticed the banner.  Several people stopped and to discuss the campaign, as good or better than normal leafleting events.

A5 flyers were distributed and there were also takers for the A4 PSC Fact Sheet “Palestine: Basic Facts”.  The main points made in the flyer were:

What if you couldn’t play a team 10 miles away?

Israel prevents Palestinians playing football by:

  •  Putting up hundreds of road block stopping Palestinians from getting to games.
  • Holding up sports equipment for Palestinian teams at border crossings.
  • Destroying Palestinian football facilities and quashing permission for new pitches.
  • Shooting Palestinian youngsters walking home from practice.

Israel does all of the following:

  • Puts Palestinian football players in prison without charge.
  • Beats up Palestinian players and coaches.
  • Closes down Palestinian football clubs
  • Prevents Palestinian National Team players from travelling abroad

 Join team Red Card Israeli Racism http://rcir.org.uk/

Write to FIFA directly at contact@fifa.org


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