RCIR calls on UEFA to condemn Israeli raid

RCIR calls on UEFA to condemn Israeli raid

Our campaign has written the letter below to the President of UEFA copied to all other members of the Executive Committee.

“Dear Mr Platini,

Two days ago the Palestine Football Association headquarters were raided by Israeli troops1. It is one more example of Israel’s criminal efforts to disrupt Palestinian football, as it seeks to disrupt and stifle every aspect of Palestinian national culture.

A military spokesman has since claimed that soldiers entered the PFA HQ as part of a routine check of ID documents. This explanation lacks all plausibility. It does not take forty minutes to check a few personal IDs, neither does this require the presence of three military jeeps at the HQ for over two hours.

Shaikh Salman Al Khalifa has denounced the raid as “intolerable and unacceptable2, while Mr Blatter has indicated his concern3.

So why has UEFA remained silent? When will you raise your voice for the rights of Palestinian sportspeople?

Red Card Israeli Racism wishes to remind you of the following:

  • the Israel Football Association has done nothing to support the PFA in its efforts to protect Palestinian sports from comprehensive obstruction and brutal military oppression. It has simply been a mouthpiece for the Israel Defence Forces.
  • the IFA has racially segregated part of its children’s league and has defended this criminal action in the courts.
  • the IFA has done nothing to rein in racist violence at the notorious Beitar Jerusalem FC. It has allowed the club to continue its criminal ban on the employment of Arab players and staff. It has allowed the club’s owner to maintain his position despite his conviction for violent assault.

We urge you to issue a public condemnation of Monday’s raid.  We further urge you to suspend Israeli membership of UEFA at your Executive Committee meeting on 4th Dec.

And we urge you to move next year’s Euro Women’s Under-19 Finals to a country that respects human dignity.”




Distribution:  UEFA Executive Committee members.

Mr. Michel Platini President, UEFA,
Mr. Lennart Johannson Honorary President,   UEFA,
Mr. Borislav Mihaylov President, Bulgarian   Football Union,
Mr Marios N Lefkaritis Honorary President, Cyprus   Football Federation,
Mr. Allan Hansen Past President, Danish   Football Association,
Mr David Gill Vice Chairman, The FA
Mr Wolfgang Niersbach President, German   Football Association,
Mr Giancarlo Abete President, Italian   Football Federation
Mr Michael van Praag President, Royal Netherlands   Football Association,
Ms Karen Espelund Former General   Secretary, Norwegian Football Association,
Mr Fernando Gomes President, Portuguese   Football Federation
Mr. Mircea Sandu President, Romanian   Football Federation,
Mr. Sergey Fursenko President, Football   Union of Russia,
Mr. František Laurinec President, Slovak   Football Association,
Mr Angel Maria Villar Llona President, Real   Federación Española de Fútbol,
Mr. Peter Gilliéron President, Swiss   Football Association (SFV-ASF).
Mr Şenes Erzik Hon. President,   Turkish Football Federation,
Mr. Grigoriy Surkis President, Football   Federation of Ukraine,

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